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What do I need to know before deciding on a provider for desktop alert software?

While there are very few providers of this type of communication software it is very important to know what to research upfront so there won't be a big surprise in the end or you find yourself in a position where you are locked into a solution that might be costly and ultimately ineffective. Make sure to find out and be comfortable knowing:

What is the pricing structure?
How much does the system cost?
Is this a subscription or lease based software or would we own the software?
Are there mandatory recurring fees? If so, how much?
> Is this locally hosted?
Are there additional fees to locally host my own software?
Are there server licensing fees?
What is included in the software?
What happens to my data if I decide to pursue another option?

To learn more about the XComms pricing structure, please visit the pricing FAQ.


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What kind of notifications can I send with Desktop Alert Software provided by XComms?

There many available alerts to choose from that are all cut through and effective.  Below are a few...

How does desktop alert software work?

The concept is simple. A very small software package is installed on end user computers enabling them to receive alerts that an administrator sends as well as providing them with their own history console containing searchable / active alerts.

The administrator(s) logs into a console where he/she can choose from a variety of desktop alert types and customize notifications to target individuals, groups or broadcast to recipients on any network, domain, device or in any location immediately..

Proof of delivery and exportable / detailed analytics are available as well within the same console

Available alert types include:


knowledge base

Everything you need to know about improving internal communication with desktop alert software. | Direct to Screen Alerting Tools | Employee Desk Alerts for Improved Internal Communication


Why is XComms priced so much lower than other poviders?

Our goal is to provide the best internal communication solution available at a cost that enables all companies (regardless of size) to have an effective internal communication infrastructure that rivals even the largest of organizations. 

​The truth is that getting your alerts from point A to point B is not a new accomplishment for any of our competitors or ourselves so there is no sense in charging extra for the development of something has been in place for a while or has already paid for itself many times over. However like most big companies conduct business, marketing is a necessity and expenses have to be absorbed somewhere... In most cases it's the customer who pays heavily for aggressive advertising and that's not a concept we employ.

​​XComms offers a more A la carte purchasing option for our customers.  We believe that if you don't need it, don't buy it ... And certainly don't pay more for it if you don’t have to. When new functions and features are developed, often they are included in all solutions. And if you have an opportunity to own  as opposed to renting a solution, owning is always the better way to go... Especially if what you are buying is already the most affordable option in the industry to begin with.  

To Learn More About XComms Pricing Please Visit The Pricing FAQ.

Can we see a demo of the software?

Definitely! You can schedule a demo with us at your convenience.

In an effort to not waste anyone's time with a pre-recorded demonstration or a "cattle call" type mass demo or webinar telling you about services that ultimately may not apply to what you are looking for, we will carefully listen to what your needs are and show you exactly how using the XComms solution will fill those needs and have a profound impact on your organization at a rate that is extremely cost effective and one that you would ultimately own with no obligation of mandatory recurring fees or associated costs that make no sense.

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Desktop Alert Software
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Why do companies use the XComms Desktop Alert Software Solution?

There are many reasons why an organization would implement an internal desktop alert solution.  Primarily it is used to create immediate awareness of any update or internal initiative or to reinforce key standards.

Any department in any organization is much more effective and productive with an immediate connection to employees that bypasses email and traditional methods of internal communication with cut through / high impact notifications to create immediate awareness.

The XComms solution ultimately provides an additional layer of accountability that goes well beyond any communication method a company may currently have all from one place. XComms desktop alert software eliminates the common excuse of "I didn't know", "No one told me", "I get too many emails", etc.

Are some companies too small for this type of solution?

Absolutely not!  Every organization benefits greatly from improved internal communication and with a price that makes it easy to choose XComms. In some cases (unfortunately) there are companies that may price themselves out of implementing this type of service after sending inquiries to other providers. Either because the rates provided are cost prohibitive or requests are simply ignored. 

With XComms there is no such thing as a customer who is too small nor is there a solution that is unaffordable considering the value of this solution. XComms does not charge customers for modules or functions they would not benefit from so if the interest in making the organization better is there (regardless of size or budget) then there is always a way to make the solution customized and affordable for anyone.  

Video Alerts can embeded into alerts and be delivered immediately

Mobile Alerting via Mobile App, SMS and email to keep mobile employees connected.

Do on-screen pop ups interfere with workflow?

The delivery, appearance and on-screen position of desktop alerts are determined by the administrator who sends out an alert.  He/she can easily and quickly determine how obtrusive or unobtrusive an alert needs to be in a very user friendly, flexible and customizable desktop alert administrator console. 

In addition you can send a less invasive notification via a scrolling ticker alert that would scroll across the screen containing information that is important without being disruptive. 



How soon can desktop alert software be up and running?

Desktop alerts can be up and running in a matter of hours.  The easy to use console for creating alerts is designed with functions commonly found in most office applications. Formatting text, inserting graphics, video, hyperlinks, acknowledgement buttons, etc. are all a snap in an extremely user friendly console. 


Where is the technical support provided from?

If you are in North America or Latin America, the Technical support is 100% US based. The US tech support is available regardless of time zone. 

If you are taking advantage of the software anywhere else, we have support technicians working within every time zone to ensure all of our customers needs are met.


Can the desktop alert software be branded with our corporate colors and logo(s)?

That's exactly what you will receive with an XComms Desktop Alert Solution. In fact we offer a free custom branded template that will be branded and designed to match the look and feel of the message you are delivering and your overall organization’s culture and style.

In addition; the recipients of desktop alerts will have their own alert history console branded so from their perspective your desktop alert system will look like a proprietary software designed by your organization. Learn more about custom desktop alert templates here.

Corporate Internal Employee Communications

How is the price for desktop alert software determined?

Pricing is determined by two things. The number of users or machines that are being targeted and which alert modules you would be using would ultimately determine the cost of the software.  The pricing is extremely flexible and we do not charge customers for functions they do not need or licenses they will never use.

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* US Based Tech Support

* No Mandatory Recurring Fees

* Locally Hosted (No Fees)

* No Server Licensing Fees

* Free Custom Skin

* Pop-Up Alert Included

* Ticker Alerts Included

* Not Subscription / Lease Based

​* Designed by World Class Developers

* You Own The Software



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