POWERFUL Broadcasting Functionality :Desktop alert messages pop up on targeted desktop monitors, common area screens or mobile devices.


DIVERSE Targeting :
Target desktop alerts to machines on existing networks, machine based targeting and/or newly created groups. 


PERSISTENTAlerting :Set desktop alerts messages to remain on the screen, or to reappear at scheduled intervals, prompting the employee to respond or acknowledge that they have viewed the message.


MEASURABLE Readership :
Get immediate feedback and acknowledgment rates from desktop alerts software. Incredible feature to report employee compliance regarding any internal policy or legal requirements. Measure the effectiveness of internal communications.
FLEXIBLE Desktop Alert Options :  Desktop alerts also include read now or read later options, as well as the flexibility to display full screen alerts for emergency alert notifications. Easily determine the size, positioning and prominence of the desktop alert window for each message pop-up.


LOCATION INDEPENDENT Alerting  Desktop alerts reach all staff, regardless of their location or network. Target multiple locations at once, individuals, custom groups, roles, departments, remote and mobile workers.


CUSTOMIZABLE Visual Communication :  Customized desktop alert designs tailored to your brand, department, division, initiative, and more.  
USER FRIENDLY : No end user training required. 


FLEXIBLE Scheduling : Desktop Messaging Tools to schedule alerts at appropriates times including content calendars.


HOSTING OPTIONS : Cloud and Local Hosting available. 


RAPID DEPLOYMENT :  Little IT resources required. Desktop Alert System Up and running in a matter of hours.


AFFORDABLE : User and Machine Based Licensing available. As low as $1 per user for entire desktop alert software system.





Call Center Communications

Compliance Management
Corporate Communication
Crisis Communications
Customer Service
Education Alerts
Employee Communication
Employee Engagement
Executive Communication
General Updates
Healthcare Communications
Hospitals Alerts
Human Resources
Internal Marketing
IT Outages
Kiosk Screen Software
Management Communication
Policy Updates
Product Updates
Reducing Email Overload
Sales Messaging
Training Alerts
Workforce Management


Desktop Notification ALERTS Software - Computer Desktop POP-UP ALERT Software SYSTEM  - Employee Notification Channels

​​Mass Notification Solutions

Desktop Alert Software
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Employee communication tools
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*Hosted Locally with NO Server Licensing Fees, NO Mandatory Recurring Fees and NO Maintenance Plans.

Fully Customizable Visuals For Desktop Pop Up Alerts

Desktop Alerts provide high impact visual communication...

  • Aside from including formatted text, video, pdfs and hyperlinks ALL desktop pop-up alerts can be fully tailored to fit not only your corporate image and culture but can reflect the nature and tone of the alert that is being sent.
XComms DeskAlert Technical Tools

Depending on number of connected users may vary the server requirements. For more information please contact Xcomms Direct.

  • Windows 2003 Server and higher or Windows XP Professional and higher
  • IIS 5.1 or higher (with ASP required)
  • MSSQL 2005 or higher
  • 2GHz CPU or faster
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 200 MB free hard drive space


Customizable Administrator policies allow for multiple employees to share authoring responsibilities in a controlled environment.

Enables synchronization with software and active directory for immediate roll out.

Desktop Alert Software delivers targeted alerts created in a customizable web based console directly to the screens of employee dedicated computers, shared machines, common area screens, kiosks or mobile devices across ANY network or location.

With minimal system requirements the locally hosted solution is a snap to roll out via small client application and app for mobile devices.

XComms Technical Specifications
  • Sync with your Active Directory
  • User and Machine Based Targeting
  • Target by user, group, OU, IP Range or Build Custom Groups
  • Third Party Integration (API) Detailed Reporting in Real Time
  • Customizable Administrator Permissions
  • Internal Hosting Branding Solutions
  • Alert Printing
  • SMS Alerts
  • Email Alerts 
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Desktop Alert Software for Employee Communication - Deskalerts - DESKTOP ALERT SERVICES : INTERNAL MESSAGING COMMUNICATION TOOLS - EMPLOYEE DESKTOP ALERTS, Send internal message alert directly to computer screen.


Contains Active Desktop Alert Messages For : 

Employee Desktop Pop-Up Alert Software 

Desktop Alert Notification for Employees


XComms Technical Requirements
XComms Direct
Boca Raton, FL US
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XComms Free Trial

Affordable Internal Communication Solutions

Internal Communication Tools

Video: XComms Desktop Alert Software

Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
Corporate Internal Employee Communications
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For More Technical Information Please Visit Our Technical FAQ Page Here

Custom Internal Communication Templates
  • Desktop Pop Up Alerts
  • Tickers
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Newsletters
  • Video Alerts
  • Active Messages
  • Event Notifications
  • Also available on Mobile Devices

Will Not show expired alerts



  • 256 MB RAM
  • 10 MB free hard drive space
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • MAC 10.6.4, 10.7.4 or higher
  • Linux (Ubuntu 10.4+ x32/x64)


Employee Communication Tech tools
  • Restrict permissions to allow editing and publishing of specific alert types only.
  • Limit desktop and mobile alert targeting to only specific users, groups, OU or computers.
  • Manage viewing rights to view only self made content or all content.
  • Enable or disable ability to create, edit, delete, send, stop or even resize an alert.

Retrieve and review analytics by date, user, domain, alert type in real time.

  • View time and date of when a user or machine received an alert and acknowledgements.
  • Exportable data.
  • Measure the effectiveness of internal communications.
  • Detailed reporting for A to Z analytics.


Internal Communication Technical Diagram
  • Guaranteed to have most up to date end user information.
  • Existing groups can be used for easy alert targeting.
  • Allows for speedy deployment and usage.
  • Sync across unlimited domains.
  • Auto Synchronization
Internal Communication Technical Specs

The Desktop Pop Up Alert Channel comes INCLUDED in all alert software packages.

  • Go Beyond Email and improve accountability with full tracking and analytics.
  • Insert graphics, video, flash, documents for complete notification capabilities
  • Improve internal communications with powerful Desktop Pop-Up Alerts. Also available on Mobile Devices.
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Customer Service Internal Employee Communication Messaging, Local Government Internal Employee Communication Messaging, First Responders Internal Employee Communication Messaging. Crisis Communication, PCI Compliance, HIPPA Compliance and MORE! 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Employee Communication Message Storage