In addition to adding rich text, images, attaching files, video, acknowledgement buttons, print buttons, html and hyperlinks into desktop alerts you can now make create more awareness than ever with customizable animated graphics. 

To get XComms and have access to (literally) thousands of customizable animated graphics and videos, please contact XComms

XComms XD Animated Graphic Display Functionality is Free and Available in All XComms Solutions.

With the XComms XD Solution our customers and their employees will enjoy and pay immediate attention to enhanced animated desktop alerts.

Whether you are sending out general updates, emergency alerts, operational advisements, compliance communications, production notifications or just want give your internal newsletters a little more pop,  enhancing desktop alerts with animated graphics or video guaranteed to make an immediate and memorable impact.

The ability to add animation couldn't be easier in an extremely user-friendly publisher console.  XComms also offers access to thousands of pre-designed and customizable animations and video that will be sure to amplify the impact of a desktop pop-up alert, screensaver, internal newsletter or emergency alert.

XComms offer the most secure, reliable, affordable, flexible and easy to use desktop alert software for internal communications. 

Animated Desktop Alert Software - Insert animated graphics into desktop alerts for impactful internal communication.

Animated Corporate Screensavers

Get noticed with Free Animated Graphic Functionality for your Desktop Alert Software.

Add impactful animated graphics to further illustrate the tone of your internal communications. 

Access thousands of customizable animated graphics.

Animated Screensavers

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Use any animated graphic, html, powerpoint files or regular graphics for screensaver communication. Or ask us how to access and customize thousands of pre-designed business animations and HD videos with your text and your logo(s). 

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Enhance Your Internal Communications With Eye Catching Animated Graphics.

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Add animated graphics to your alerts

Desktop Alert Software - Free Animated and Video Content Functionality

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