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Desktop Alert Software
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Internal Communication Tools

Video: XComms Desktop Alert Software

Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
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Corporate Internal Employee Communications
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..Best In Class Mass Communication Solutions...

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Mass Communication Software

Use the contact form on the right if you would like to receive more information about XComms Direct Mass Notification Solutions. 


If you would like to speak to one of our representatives or email us directly please do so with the contact information below. 



Mass Notification Tracking and Analytics

With meaningful data comes understanding and a basis for decision making  which ultimately leads to not only improved individual performance but also higher production and quality standards  for a company as a whole.

Within a specified date range mass notification software can track activity from the alert type to the end user and can easily be exported into a csv file for further analysis with other programs including Microsoft Excel.

Administrators can easily see who has or has not received a notification, which alerts were acknowledged and also view results from surveys and quizzes.

Add impactful animated graphics to further illustrate the tone of your internal communications.

Animated Corporate Screensavers

Mass Notification Enhanced Alerting

Whether you are sending out general updates, emergency alerts, operational advisements, mass compliance communications, mass production notifications or just want give your internal newsletters or screen savers a little more pop,  enhancing mass notifications with animated graphics or video guaranteed to make an immediate and memorable impact.

Mass Notification Email Alert Tool

The email notification module bridges that gap between direct to screen mass notifications and email ultimately creating complete communication coverage.

Complimenting an on-screen pop-up notification with a copy sent to an employee email adds to the goal of creating complete awareness and accountability.

By leveraging email as an additional medium for mass communication, organizations will see a decrease in the common excuses of “I didn’t know”, “No one told me”, or “I get too many emails”.  Whether an alert is viewed directly on screen as a pop-up, scrolling ticker, full screen alert, wallpaper message or screensaver communication, ALL employees are notified and ultimately more productive as a result.

....Mass Notification System Alerts Over Locked Screen............

Locked Screen Mass Notification Alerts

Regardless of whether or not a computer screen is in a locked state or even in screensaver mode, organizations can have the ability to deliver urgent mass communications directly to an unattended locked or inactive screen.

Mass Alerts can be sent requiring acknowledgement or time out using the auto exit feature. An alert notification can appear on-screen for a pre-determined period of time and  automatically close.

Scrolling Ticker Or Pop-Up Alert With One Click For Instant Mass Notification...

Scrolling ticker Mass Communication Scrolling Ticker Alert Tool For Instant Notification...
Instant Alert Mass Notification

Whether there is a crisis or simply no time to compose an alert, mass notifications can be quickly and easily preset for one click Pop-Ups or Tickers. 

Predetermine the look and feel of unlimited instant alerts and instantly notify any predetermined target audience immediately.

Color Coding
In addition to the options of multiple distinctive mass notification templates, alert notifications can be color coded with the colors of your choice to match the look and feel of the message content and the nature of the notification.

Desktop Pop-Up Mass Notification
Scrolling Ticker Alert Mass Notification
Mobile Alert Mass Notification

Easily and securely keep field employees connected and informed with mobile mass pop up alerts and interactive notifications on mobile devices.

Complete with tracking and full reporting capabilities allowing you to track mass communication delivery and readership on any users on any device.

Scrolling Ticker Alert For Mass Notification... Powerful Scrolling Headlines...Brand with your Company Logo...HyperLink alert message to drive viewers to other resources...Communicate With Staff Immediately...Send to Entire Company, Departments, Individuals or Customize Your Own Group Distributions...Rapid Notifications Without Disrupting Work Flow...

The Desktop Scrolling Ticker Alert is a perfect vehicle for the mass communication of important updates, reminders or general information.

The scrolling ticker crawls a headline across computer screens and auto-adjusts all active windows to re-size over the alert creating immediate alert awareness without being invasive.

Scrolling Tickers Are Included With Pop Up Alerts...

The Desktop Pop-Up Alerts is a powerful mass notification tool that will instantly display notifications directly on computer screens that can never be dismissed, ignored or deleted.

In addition to sending out fast notifications, pop-up alert delivery is also measurable with real time tracking of proof of delivery, readership and alert acknowledgement.

Fully Customizable Mass Notification Alerts and Targeting.
Fast: Notifying any individual, location, device or broadcasting an alert to an entire organization in seconds.
Easy To Use: Compose mass communication alerts as easily as composing an email from a web based control panel.
Administrator Policy and Access Levels: Have multiple administrators responsible for sending alerts with access levels and target audiences pre-determined.
Instant Alerting: Predesign alerts and predetermine audience to instantly send mass notifications with a single click.

Push Button Included: Deploy alerts immediately with a simple push of a button. Learn More About the Exclusive XComms Push Button Alert.
Targeting: Targeting based on network users, IP ranges, AD groups or non domain users and devices.
Branded: All alerts are branded to match the tone of your alerts and the look and feel of your organization.
Secure: Locally hosted solutions guaranteed to be the safest, most secure and reliable. Cloud options also available.
Analytics: Measure proof of delivery and readership / open rates of mass notifications in real  time. 

Send the Right Message, to the Right People, at the Right Time INSTANTLY.

Mass Notification Software For Instant Communication

XComms provides a comprehensive suite of mass communication tools that enables any organization to easily and instantly send communication alerts through various channels across any network, on any device and in any language.

Rapid mass notification to any individual or device with the fastest and most affordable single source mass notification system.

You decide which easy to use alert channels are the best fit for your mass communication needs and avoid over-priced and bloated communication solutions. Try It Now

Mass Notification System

Instantly Notify Everyone of Crucial Communications On Any Device And Across Any Network.

XComms Direct Internal Employee Desktop Alert Software For Improved Internal Communication © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

• Locally Hosted
• No Dedicated Hardware Required
• Fully Branded Alert Templates
• Easy To User Control Panel
• Works In Any Environment
• AD Synchronization
• Fast, Secure, Reliable and Affordable!

XComms Mass Notification Advantages

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