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Desktop Alert Software – Active Directory Integration

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Active Directory Integration

With the goal of providing a locally hosted solutions with the fastest deployment and complete targeting flexibility, Xcomms offers solutions  for easy employee message targeting by synchronizing with customer’s Active Directory or Novell E Directories.  

Whether it is a multi-domain scenario or even if you have NON-AD employees you would like to target with desktop alert software, XComms offers additional modules for easy sync as well as the ability to create custom groups within the administrator console.

The Active Directory / LDAP module enables you to sync  with your Active Directory easily which ultimately expedites deployment and enhances usability. Users, groups, organizational units and computers can all be synchronized  across unlimited domains.

You can view sync results, manage and schedule synchronizations dates and times, add users, manage users, create custom groups and more right from the administrator’s personal web console.

As a side note, while the system does offer the ability to have multiple administrators, access to any area of the console can be limited and permissions can be pre-determined via and easy to use admin policy tool. Click here to learn more about the “Multi-Admin Tool”.

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Active Directory Synchronization For Desktop Alert Software
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