Corporate Internal Employee Communications
• Drivers and Delivery Employees
• Mobile Service Staff
• Security Officers
• Hospice Nurses
• Off Shift Employees
• Floor Managers
• Sales  Teams
• Law Enforcement
• First Responders
• Airport Employees
• Field Services
• Real Estate Agents


Mobile Employee Alerts : Send Updates to Mobile Employees on Any Device.

Instant Mobile Communication For Any Industry:

Easily and securely keep field employees connected and informed with mobile pop up alerts and interactive notifications.

Complete with tracking and full reporting capabilities allowing you to track message delivery and readership t on any users on any device.



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Desktop Alert Software
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General Updates
Emergency Alerts
Management Alerts
Outage Alerts
Schedule Changes

Notify Mobile Employees Of:

Bonus: Desktop Pop Up Alerts Are Included In Every Package  Learn More

Call Center Agent Communication
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Phone: 855-323-9663 Website:
Internal Communication Tools

Video: XComms Desktop Alert Software

Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
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If you would like to speak to one of our representatives or email us directly please do so with the contact information below.

Office: 1-855-323-9663



Urgent Notifications
Traffic Advisements
Campus Alerts
HR Communication
Overtime Availability
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Consolidate Messages Into One Mobile Alert.

Increase Skills With Direct Mobile Quizzes.

Create and Deploy Employee Surveys Direct To Mobile.

Direct to Mobile Pop Up Alerts. Fully customizable

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Pop Up, Interactive Content, SMS Alerting, Video  and More!

Mobile Employee Alert Software

Deliver Video Content Direct to Mobile Screen

 Custom Interactive Opportunity Notifications.