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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
Corporate Internal Employee Communications

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Corporate Screensaver Message Management FOR  :

Call Center Communications

Compliance Management
Corporate Communication

​​​Customer Service
Education Alerts
Employee Communication

Common Area Display

IT Outages
Kiosk Screen Software
Management Communication
Policy Updates
Product Updates
Reducing Email Overload
Sales Messaging
Training Alerts
Workforce Management

  • Common Procedures Display
  • Turn PowerPoint Into ScreenSavers
  • Rotate Screensavers
  • Make Screensavers Interactive

XComms Advantages:

corporate screensaver tools

Publish Key Information with Effective Screensaver Messaging

Use Screensaver Communication to publish key information to Employee and Common Area Screens. Perfect For:

corporate screensaver management

Corporate Screensaver Message Management Software

Employee Screensaver Communication

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POWERFUL Broadcasting Functionality : Corporate Screensavers can be delivered to any computer or common area screen on or off active directory.

DIVERSE Targeting : Target screensaver content to all screens to user machines on existing networks, machine based targeting and/or newly created groups. 

FREE Additional Tools : With the included pop up and scrolling ticker modules you can set notifications to appear over screensavers. 
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Content Management and Delivery Tools

“Most Affordable and Easiest to use!"


​​​Corporate Screensaver Management Software - Manage and Customize Desktop and Common Area Screensavers

​​Mass Notification Solutions

corporate screensavers
screensaver management

Any Content:

Flexible Targeting
Powerful Visual Content
Cost Effective
Any Screen

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Corporate ScreenSaver​s

​​Employee Communication
Employee Engagement
Executive Communication
General Updates
Healthcare Communications
Hospitals Alerts
Human Resources
Internal Marketing

corporate screensaver system
corporate screensavers
  • ​​​Reinforcing Key Standards
  • ​Security Awareness
  • Company Announcements
  • Achievement Acknowledgements

Customize and Manage Screensavers on Employee Desktops or Common Area Screens

* Easy To Use Tool 
* Locally Hosted (FREE)
* Sync With Active Directory
* NO Mandatory Recurring Fees 
​* NO Server Licensing Fees 
​* U.S. Based and Global Regional Support
* Free Setup Support and Training


corporate screensavers
Measure screensaver delivery and display rates quickly from an easy to use web-based console. 

VERSATILE Targeting Devices:  You can easily push screensavers to employee machines, common area screens or smart TV's.

Screensaver Rotation : Have multile screensavers scheduled to rotate at pre-detmined times and dates.

USER FRIENDLY : No end user training required. 

* Any Graphics

* Any Videos

* HTML Tools

* Embed Hyperlinks

* Any PowerPoint Presentation

* Impactful Animated Content

​* Flash

Corporate Screensaver Management Tools

Innovative Visual COmmunication Channels

We’d love to speak with you about your specific internal communication needs and show you how using the XComms internal communication solutions will have an immediate impact on every level of your organization.

​​​HOSTING OPTIONS: Cloud and Local Hosting available. 


RAPID DEPLOYMENT:  Little IT resources required. Desktop Alert System Up and running in a matter of hours.


AFFORDABLE: User and Machine Based Licensing available.




Take Advantage of Unattended Machines and Turn Them Into Digital Signage

corporate screensavers

Employee Screensaver Management enhances your company's internal communication effectiveness with targeted and easy to use Screensaver Management Software.

Affordable Corporate ScreenSaver Management - Customize and Manage Screensavers on Employee Desktops or Common Area Screens - Desktop Alert Software

Cost Effective Digital Signage

  • Significantly less expensive than traditional digital signage alternatives.
  • Take advantage of common area and unattended workstations to communicate with everyone.

Location and Targeting Flexibility

  • Target Screensaver messaging to individuals, custom groups, departments, multiple locations or an entire organization.

Powerful Visual Content

  • Embed strong images to support your key messages.
  • Deliver video directly to screens via screensaver alert channel.
  • Convert PowerPoint into flash animation and deliver directly to all screens.
  • Incorporate event countdown clocks to create a buzz around key events and initiatives.
  • Direct employees to internal and external resources with embedded hyperlinks.
  • Use common area screens to publish valuable communication to ensure that all who pass by will be exposed to your content.
  • Broadcasting Security Policies
  • Upgrade Notifications
  • Action Required Notifications
  • Motivational Messages

Interactive and Actionable

  • Drive screensaver viewers to other internal or external resources by embedding hyperlinks directly into screensaver.
  • Direct employees to information resources and feedback forums including polls, general employee surveys or interactive forums​.

Screensaver Communication Management Software Features and Benefits:

  • General Updates
  • Event Notification and Reminders
  • Communicating Change
  • Internal Marketing
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Corporate Screensaver Message Management

​​Turn unattended desktop screens and common area displays into digital signage to get everyone's attention with stunning rich content communicating your company's messages, initiatives and key values. 

Desktop Alert Software
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Internal Communication Tools
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