Call Center Compliance and Quality Assurance Benefits

◾ Stop negative trends before they get out of hand

◾ Offer feedback to employees without interrupting workflow

◾ Publish quality scores to Employees / Supervisors/ Management

◾ Track Compliance Standard Requirements

◾ ​Report and reduce customer escalations(100% PCI Compliant)​

Finance Benefits

◾ Flexible Licensing Options

(Machine/User Based)

◾ No Recurring Fees

◾ No Server Licensing Fees

◾ Unlimited Alerts

◾ Many Included Features and Modules!

Call Center Employee Training Benefits

◾ Conduct training and quizzes

◾ Create higher accountability to learn

◾ Continued Education or Refresher Training

◾ Streamline Job Aid process / Drive employees to intranet or other resources

◾ Publish new material / updates directly to employee’s screen

◾ Bypass supervisors to communicate directly with staff

◾ Don’t have to interrupt workflow (cost savings)

◾ Identify Knowledge Gaps

◾ Create Transparency (Eliminates “Did he/she get trained?” “Is training good enough?” etc.)

Key Account, Product and Relationship Management

◾ Assists with compliance of partner sales standards

◾ Assists with compliance of partner quality standards

◾ Assists with compliance of partner mandatory disclosures

◾ Alert agents of product promotions

◾ Full Reporting

◾ Conduct Surveys

◾ Publish Newsletters (Consolidate Information)

◾ Assist in achieving partner incentives (spiffs)​

  • Sales Goals and Performance Metrics  Updates
  • Quality Standards and Compliance Awareness
  • Product Updates and Training Alerts
  • Schedule Changes Notification
  • Overtime Opportunities And More!

Create Guaranteed Call Center Awareness of:

Multi channel communication software for immediate internal call center alerting.

Send instant alerts to call center representatives in any location and across network in seconds!

XComms Direct Desktop Alert Software For Improved Employee Internal Communications © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

"Absolute BEST Extension of the Training Department! We Send Out Job Aids and Quizzes and Get Acknowledgments and Reporting Instantly!"

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Send Scrolling Ticker Alert To Employee Screen

Send Scrolling Ticker Alert to Call Center Fully Customizable Scrolling Ticker Alerts!... AFFORDABLE Call Center Desktop Alert Software. Keep call center employees updated without interrupting a call. Powerful Scrolling Headlines...Brand with your Company Logo...HyperLink alert message to drive call center employees to other resources...Update Call Center Staff Immediately...Send to Entire Call Center, Departments, Individual Agents or Customize Your Own Call Center Group Distributions...Rapid Call Center Notifications Without Disrupting Work Flow...Multi Headlines Tickers...Complete Viewing and Acknowledgement Reports.


Desktop Alert Software
Call Center Agent Communication
Improve Call Center Employee Communication

"We Always Had Doubts if Updates Actually Were Told to Agents... Now We Have Full Accountability!"

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Learn How to Improve Call Center Operations With Effective Internal Agent Communication

Keep call center employees updated without interrupting a single call

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Internal Comms Tools
Internal Communication Tools
Employee communication tools

Call Center Human Resource Benefits

◾ Publish company or position updates to ALL employees

◾ Access to performance material generated by management (Supervisors, Training, QA, etc.)

◾ Communicate directly without having to be overly workflow sensitive

◾ Broadcast Achievements Across Entire Organization

◾ Manage Program Enrollment More Effectively

◾​ Event Management Tools

Communicate With Call Center Agents Through:
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"Lowered our drop calls and we get rapid responses for overtime requests !"

"We Alert the Agent Directly AND It Makes Preparing For Audits SO Much Easier!!"

Call Center Sales / Customer Service/ Retention Benefits

◾​ Empower your sales team to perform at a higher level with updated information

◾ Create engagement by launching position initiatives and competition

◾ Showcase top performers

◾ Create more supervisor coverage with interactive channels

◾ Quick coaching tool

◾ Publish sales reports to agents / upper Management

Video: XComms Desktop Alert Software

Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
Corporate Internal Employee Communications

"We don't spend our time chasing people down anymore. Just send out an alert and they come to us! Not to mention how it increases employee engagement at a call center "

Call Center Workforce Management Benefits

◾ Publish Work Schedule Alerts

◾ Production Level Management Alerts

◾ Keep Production Running at Peak Performance with Mass Coaching as Opposed to Expensive One on One Conversations

◾ Reduce hold time and call abandonment rates

Screen Saver

Affordable Internal Communication Solutions

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IT Department Benefits

◾ Outage Alert Notifications

◾ Fast and Easy to deploy

◾ Active Directory Sync

◾ No End User Training Required

◾ Target by user, group, OU, IP Range or Build Custom Groups

◾ Third Party Integration (API)

◾ Up and Running Same Day