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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
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Desktop Alert Software – Multiple Administrator Solutions

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Multi-Administrator Tools - Set Access Level Permissions

Assigning multiple administrators to a mass communication system has never been easier with the Desktop Alert Software Multi-Admin Tool.

The number of administrators that can be assigned to assist in deploying internal notifications is unlimited. In addition organizations can now manage permissions and access with a quick and easy to use policy tool that would allow for:

*  Alert Channel Restriction : Restricting the type of alerts that are allowed to be sent out by an individual assigned administrator.

*  Target Audience Restricting: Assigned administrators can have restrictions on who they are allowed to target for alert notifications. Limited to a specific group of individuals, custom groups, departments, OU, or even an IP ranger of computers.

*  Viewing Permissions: Limit the ability of the administrator to view on his/her own alerting activity or permit to view all administrator activity.

Learn more about the easy to use admin access policy tool by contacting XComms for more information.

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Share the responsibility of internal communications easily with the multi-admin policy tool

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Admin Access Policy Tool | Admin Permission Level For Desktop Alert Software
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