Understanding the Importance of Corporate Compliance
Compliance Analytics and Data
Improving Internal Compliance Communication Benefits

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Scrolling ticker Compliance Scrolling Ticker Alerts!... Powerful Scrolling Headlines...Brand with your Company Logo...HyperLink alert message to drive viewers to other resources...Update Staff Immediately...Send to Entire Company, Departments, Individuals or Customize Your Own Group Distributions...Rapid Notifications Without Disrupting Work Flow...Multi Headlines Tickers...Complete Viewing and Acknowledgement Reports...Create Immediate Awareness!!


XComms strives to provide solutions to guarantee the highest level of compliance awareness, acknowledgement and accountability . 

Direct to screen alerting is a cut through and measurable way of keeping everyone aware of what is or what is not approved, factual and appropriate while educating employees on approved business practices.


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"Direct to screen compliance alerting is an innovative communication process that transcends commonly used methods of internal compliance communication including policy posting and email."

Also Available on Mobile Devices

Complete Quality and Compliance Awareness: 
In addition to cut through pop-ups, tickers, quizzes and surveys; key notifications can be published directly as computer wallpaper background and screensaver digital signage to cast a very wide net of awareness.
• Instant On Screen Notifications
• Acknowledgement Reporting
• Enhanced Accountability
• End User Access to Approved Material
• Comprehension Testing
• Coaching Tools
• Single user, custom group or mass notification

Essential Compliance Communication Resources​

Compliance Communication Notifications

• Improving Adherence
• Audit Resources and Data
• Promoting Best Practices
• Stopping Negative Trends
• Training Event Notification and Attendee Tracking
• Pulse Check Assessments
• Managing KPI Expectations
• Measuring  Effectiveness of Internal Compliance Communication
Historical Access to Relevant Information Only: 
All employees will have access to history alerts received however administrators can set messages to expire to avoid access to outdated or obsolete information which may lead to a compliance issue and negative customer experience and escalation.

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Affordable Internal Communication Solutions

"XComms is an affordable solution that compliments any existing quality management process which creates a culture of awareness and employee engagement that has significant impact on not only quality and compliance results but on employee retention and increased revenues."
The goal to constantly deliver what is expected using methods and procedures that are approved, factual and appropriate is a crucial focus in any industry. 

​Often times in human driven businesses there are painstaking processes created to assure management and executives that quality processes are parallel with each organization’s products and business practices ultimately resulting in netting compliant results that are transparent and aboveboard.

XComms delivers any content directly to any screen as pop-up, scrolling ticker, interactive content or digital signage to ensure complete and measurable awareness.
Desktop Alert Software
Employee Compliance Accountability:
Add acknowledgement buttons to alerts for extended accountability and detailed reporting. 
Eliminates common excuses like:
“I didn’t know”, “No one told me”, “I didn’t see the email” or “I get too many emails”. 
Quality and Compliance Tracking and Reporting: 
Measure the effectiveness of internal QA / Compliance communication with full reporting tracking message delivery, readership, acknowledgment and comprehension of all delivered directives and advisements. From an audit management perspective having immediate access to key message delivery and acknowledgement analytics helps avoid the arduous process of collecting data from various departments or from multiple sources. 


Corporate Internal Employee Communications
Compliance and Quality Comprehension:
In addition to publishing compliance alerts to employee screens, On Screen employee quizzes can be distributed for an immediate measurement of current understanding of appropriate policies and processes.

Video: XComms Desktop Alert Software

Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
Frequency of Message: 
Predetermine alert recurrence to ensure complete awareness of any QA / Compliance advisements, change of processes or directives. 
Location Independent: 
Regardless of location, network or devices ALL alerts can be delivered to any employee, anywhere in the world. 
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