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Are some companies too small for this type of solution?

​​Absolutely not!  Every organization benefits greatly from improved internal communication and with a price that makes it easy to choose XComms. In some cases (unfortunately) there are companies that may price themselves out of implementing this type of service after sending inquiries to other providers. Either because the rates provided are cost prohibitive or requests are simply ignored.  

With XComms there is no such thing as a customer who is too small nor is there a solution that is unaffordable considering the value of this solution. XComms does not charge customers for modules or functions they would not benefit from so if the interest in making the organization better is there (regardless of size or budget) then there is always a way to make the solution customized and affordable for anyone.  

Who do we call for initial pricing, adding services or licenses or to get technical support?

​​XComms is your main source for all things sales and service. Technical support is US based for those customers in North America and Latin America.

For customers outside of these areas, there is also support available in all time zones to ensure that all customer's support needs are met and expectations exceeded. 

If we purchase XComms and take get the free template skin, will our employees still see your branding?

Absolutely not.  This desktop alert software is one that you would own which will have your alerts branded with your colors and logo(s).  If you are using your branded alert skins, the end user would only ever see your branding and your alert messages. Even the end user's alert history console they have access to would be branded with your logo and colors... not ours nor a thrid party.  

Marketing our brand (even if its just a logo) to your end users in an alert system you pay for doesn't seem appropriate to us.​

How much does it cost to have our logo and colors on the pop up alert skins / templates?

The first one is on us and is good to use as long as you would like. Also, additional default alert templates available will also have your logo as well as the end user's history console. For more skins, please contact XComms for pricing.

Can using Desktop Alert Software save our company money in any way?

Definitely.  Depending on what you are measuring ultimately will determine how much.

For example in addition to the obvious savings on copy paper and toner, the solution itself saves companies money in many areas.

Retention of customers is a  great example. If a customer is well informed they are less likely to leave a provider. 

Retention of employees is another example. If an employee is engaged and supported with the necessary information to carry out his/her responsibilities; his/her success is more than enough reason to stay with a job ultimately saving a company not only the time and expense in hiring and training but all other costs associated with employee turnover. 

Training and coaching expenses will lower as well as freeing up other valuable support resources from IT, HR, Mangement, etc. 

These are just a couple of obvious examples but there are many ways this will make a company more profitable while improving overall function.

Are there promotions available?

Sure.  While we can't predict when but be on the lookout for promotions that might be in the form of cost savings or even additional features included!

Are there any alert channels included with the software?









Why is XComms so much more affordable than the alternatives we have been seeing?

Our goal is to provide the best internal communication solution available at a cost that enables all companies (regardless of size) to have an effective internal communication infrastructure that rivals even the largest of organizations.

The truth is that getting your alerts from point A to point B is not a new accomplishment for any of our competitors or ourselves so there is no sense in charging extra for the development of something has been in place for a while or has already paid for itself many times over. However like most big companies conduct business, marketing is a necessity and expenses have to be absorbed somewhere... In most cases the customer is the one who pays heavily for aggressive advertising and that's not a concept we employ.

XComms offers a more A la carte purchasing option for our customers.  We believe that if you don't need it, don't buy it ... And certainly don't pay more for it if you don’t have to.

When new functions and features are developed, often they are included in all solutions. And if you have an opportunity to own  as opposed to renting a solution, owning is always the better way to go... Especially if what you are buying is already the most affordable option in the industry to begin with.  



Everything you need to know about purchasing desktop alert software


* US Based Tech Support

* No Mandatory Recurring Fees

* Locally Hosted (No Fees)

* No Server Licensing Fees

* Free Custom Skin

* Pop-Up Alert Included

* Ticker Alerts Included

* Not Subscription / Lease Based

​* Designed by World Class Developers

* You Own The Software

What do I need to know before deciding on a provider for desktop alert software?

While there are very few providers of this type of communication software it is very important to know what to research upfront so there won't be a big surprise in the end or you find yourself in a position where you are locked into a solution that might be costly and ultimately ineffective.

Make sure to find out and be comfortable knowing:

What is the pricing structure?
How much does the system cost?
Is this a subscription or lease based software or would we own the software?
Are there mandatory recurring fees? If so, how much?
> Is this locally hosted?
Are there additional fees to locally host my own software?
Are there server licensing fees?
What is included in the software?
What happens to my data if I decide to pursue another option?

> Do our employees see your branding?

To request a formal quote, please use our pricing request page here.

What separates this solution versus it's competition?

The Xcomms advantage is based on it's best in class, affordable and feature rich internal communication capabilities that allow all companies of any size take a leap toward improving the overall way they conduct business, manage employees and measure success. From cost to ease of use, XComms provides customers with an affordable / high impact solution that is truly second to none. 

How much does XComms cost versus other desktop alert software alternatives?

Significantly less expensive.  XComms is far less costly than ANY other comparable alternative in the industry. The XComms pricing structure is designed to make owning your own solution as easy as possible. In terms of functionality, if you are making a true "apples to apples" comparison you will see that the Desktop Alert Software provided by XComms performs as well (if not better) than any other provider. 


Are there maintenance plans available?

Yes. There are optional maintenance plans available.

We are concerned about security, Are there server licensing fees to host locally?

Absolutely not!  Hosting locally is faster and more secure than any other option (and you can’t be too careful these days) With XComms there are absolutely no costs associated with hosting it locally.

To be honest, being charged a server licensing fee to use software that you actually own and run on your own server doesn’t make sense at all so again, there are absolutely no server licensing fees.

Are there any mandatory recurring fees in order to use the software past a certain date?

Not at all. There are no mandatory recurring fees in order to use the software.  You would own this software and are not required to pay fees to use it beyond your initial purchase.

Is the software subscription based or lease based or would we own it?

The software would be owned 100% by you.  Owning this particular desktop alert software actually costs far less than to lease it from any other provider.

How is the price for desktop alert software determined?

Pricing is determined by two things. The number of users or machines that are being targeted and which alert modules you would be using would ultimately determine the cost of the software. 

The pricing is extremely flexible and we do not charge customers for functions they do not need or licenses they will never use.





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