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What do I need to know before deciding on a provider for desktop alert software?

While there are very few providers of this type of communication software it is very important to know what to research upfront so there won't be a big surprise in the end or you find yourself in a position where you are locked into a solution that might be costly and ultimately ineffective.

Make sure to find out and be comfortable knowing:

> What is the pricing structure?
> How much does the system cost?
> Is this a subscription or lease based software or would we own the software?
> Are there mandatory recurring fees? If so, how much?
> Is this locally hosted?
> Are there additional fees to locally host my own software?
> Are there server licensing fees?
> What is included in the software?
> What happens to my data if I decide to pursue another option?

To learn more about the XComms pricing structure, please visit the pricing FAQ.


Can an end user uninstall the desktop alert client themselves?

When the file used to build the end user install is created, there is an option to suppress certain features that are available on the end user client and "uninstall" is one of them. 

So the answer is no if you suppress that feature and yes if you permit it to be accessed by end users. Deciding whether or not an end user has the ability to alter the program is managed easily by simply checking or unchecking a box during the install.

Can end users communicate back to Desktop Alert Software Administrators?

Yes. If provided as an end user option there is a feedback function where the employee can communicate back to the administrator. 

Are older alerts still available to view even after they have appeared on screen?

Yes and no.  If an alert is considered active and relevant, the end user will have access to alerts to review as much as they would like to.

However if an administrator determines when he/she is creating an alert that a notification should have an expiration date, the alert would no longer be viewable by the end user after the date determined by the administrator has passed. 

The administrator however would always have access to view alerts sent that may be currently inactive and its reporting data including date of receipt by the end user, acknowledgement time and date, interactive results, etc.

Can we see who has or has not received a specific desktop alert?

Yes. In the reporting tool you can easily see whether or not someone has received or acknowledged an alert as well as see if they are online or offline.

Can we get detailed reporting on what desktop alerts specific individuals received, when they received alerts and whether or not they acknowledged an alert notification?

Yes. You can retrieve and review analytics by date, user, domain, alert type, etc. and truly be able to measure the effectiveness of your internal communication process in real time. Great for tool audit and compliance adherence.

How can we track and measure the effectiveness of Desktop Alert Software?

All activity is easily tracked and measured within the same console you would use to send alerts. Simply pick a date range and view all alerts that were sent, received and acknowledged.

In addition you can get as detailed as you would like with user level reporting where you can see any individual's complete activity as an end user. From when they received and acknowledged an alert to responses given to quizzes, surveys, etc.

Can we send desktop alerts to common area screens in addition to employee screens?

Yes. You can target any screen in your organization easily and quickly. In addition to being able to send alerts to any screen you can even take advantage of unattended screens and use the screensaver management tool for digital signage solutions. 

Click here to learn more about the screensaver management module.

Can we send desktop alerts to mobile devices?

Yes. You can easily and securely keep all employees connected and informed whether they are tied to a desk or not with mobile alerts and interactive notifications via a mobile app.

Can we create custom groups and targeting lists?

Absolutely. In addition to giving you access to your company's active directory groups already in place; the desktop alert software allows you to also pick and choose which individuals, groups, departments or locations you would like in your very own custom distribution groups.

How soon will an employee receive a desktop alert after we send?

By default all employees would receive an alert within 60 seconds of being published regardless of location, network or device.

Can we send desktop alerts to other offices in other locations?

Yes. All alerts can be distributed to any individual, department or group in any location regardless of physical location, network or domain. They can even be sent in other languages if needed.

Can we send desktop alerts notifying employees of events or opportunities with qualifying questions?

Yes. You can send event notifications with qualifying questions so you can easily allocate resources immediately as opposed to waiting for people to respond to emails or relying on sign-up sheets.

Can employees also receive alerts via email?

Yes. The Desktop Alert Software casts a very wide net in terms of reach and truly eliminates the excuse of someone not being aware of any information. 

Can we send an alert that does not go directly on-screen but the employee can still access and review?

Yes. You can send an alert to be published directly to an end user's history console without popping on-screen. The end user will be notified via the icon in the taskbar. Very similar to a silent notification through email.

Will employees have access to expired desktop alerts or obsolete information after they were notified of an update that may no longer be relevant?

No.  Obsolete information can be costly.  All alerts can be predetermined to have an expiration date and be removed from end user's alert history.

The administrator however will always have historical data access to view alerts sent that may be currently inactive and its reporting data including date of receipt by the end user, acknowledgement time and date, interactive content, etc.

Can we add acknowledgement buttons to alerts sent to employees?

Absolutely! In an effort to create more accountability, adding an acknowledgement button to an alert is a great option to have.

With this enabled, an administrator can view reporting on the receipt of an alert and the acknowledgement from the employee.

Can we save alerts we have sent as templates for later use that we can still edit?

Yes. If you create an alert that you may possibly want to use again, simply save the template and it will be accessible from a convenient drop down list in the alert creation page of the console.

Can we insert hyperlinks into desktop alerts to drive employees to other internal or external sites and resources?

Yes. Inserting hyperlinks is a great way to drive traffic and increase viewership of other resources.

What kind of notifications can I send with Desktop Alert Software provided by XComms?

There many available alerts to choose from that are all cut through and effective.  Below are a few...

Direct to Screen Pop Up Alerts. Fully customizable

Scrolling Ticker Alerts to Deliver Updates without interrupting workflow.

Mobile Alerting via Mobile App, SMS and email to keep mobile employees connected.

Video Alerts can embeded into alerts and be delivered immediately

Screensaver Management to turn unattended screens into powerful digital signage.

Measure Employee Comprehension with On-Screen Employee Quizzes.

Temperature Check Your Staff and View Results immediately with On-Screen Employee Surveys.

Provide Useful Information to Employees Directly on Computer Wallpaper Background.

Notify Employees of Events Or Opportunities with Event Alerting with Qualifying Questions.


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Does Desktop Alert Software require end user training?

Not at all. While the end user's software is running in the background ready to receive an alert at all times, the employee also has convenient access to a searchable history console where all active alerts are stored.

Can we pre-determine what alerts administrators are allowed to send, who they are allowed to target and what they are permitted to view?

Yes. You can easily pre-determine what alert types an administrator can send as well what he/she is able to view and who exactly they are permitted to target.

When an administrator is being created you have an easy option to create and select a policy that would determine access levels and viewing permissions.

Can we have multiple administrators send out desktop alerts from different departments and from different locations?

Definitely. While you can have as many administrators as you would like to have responsible to send out alerts, you can also pre-determine what alert types an admin can send as well what he/she is able to view and who exactly they are permitted to target.

You can make the most of the desktop alert software by opening it up to other administrators in any location or department while also having peace of mind knowing that administrators will only be permitted to send alert types that you pre-approve and to deliver to who you determine the appropriate audience to be.

Are there tool tips or on screen guides to help with the overall understanding of the desktop alert software?

Definitely! We are asked this a lot actually because normally tool tips don't provide useful information beyond what may be already pretty obvious however the tool tips provided in this specific desktop alert software are extremely useful.

In addition, there is an excellent beginner's guide and on-screen guides that are incredible in terms of easy to follow support and truly second to none for this type of solution. However if you can't find the answer, give us a call here and we will make sure you have everything you need.

Who do we call if we need technical support?

Call XComms Direct. Rarely do we get technical support calls considering how user friendly the software truly is but no matter what time zone our customers are in or in which country, they will always be provided with extremely courteous, informative and helpful technical support with one goal...1st call resolution. We offer US based technical support as well as support many other countries.

Does Desktop Alert Software require training to be able to send out alerts?

No training is required to be able to send out alerts. The administrator's console is extremely user friendly and functions very similar to office programs already in use at most organizations.

In addition to measuring acknowledgement and readership, is it possible to determine if an employee truly understands a desktop alert?

Absolutely! With the quiz alert module you can send out quick on-screen testing to measure employee's understanding of any topic you want.  

​Combining pop-up alerts or tickers with quizzes, you can quickly send any information to employees and measure comprehension all from one place. Great tool to keep everyone performing at their best and to flush out under-performers.

Can reporting data be exported?

Yes. Reporting data can be exported into formats that are easily manipulated in other programs.

Can we send location specific or department specific or even employee specific desktop alerts?

Yes. You can send alerts to any single individual or group of employees in any location, department or broadcast to the entire company.

Will the desktop alert software pester our employees with your branding, direct marketing or 3rd party advertisements?

Absolutely not!  This desktop alert software is one that you would own which will have your alerts branded with your colors and logo(s).  If you are using your branded alert skins, the end user would only ever see your branding and your alert messages. 

As far as OUR branding is concerned, definitely not.  Forcing your employees to see our branding on software you own is definitely self indulgent. So if you are getting a complimentary skin from us, then all they will see if your logo and colors on a design you approve.  

Will desktop alerts be delivered to a computer that is running a PowerPoint presentation?

It is an option for an administrator to send out an "urgent" alert that will show up on top of a PowerPoint in slideshow mode. However by default alerts not marked "urgent" will be delivered behind a slideshow and would be viewable after presentation mode is disabled in PowerPoint.

Can we Preview a Scrolling Ticker Alert before we send it out?

Yes. You can preview EVERY alert before it is sent….even the scrolling ticker alerts.

Having a customer with no choice but to send an alert "sight unseen" or to send to themselves as a test alert seems terribly inconvenient.

Can we Preview a desktop Pop-Up alert before we send it out?

Yes. You can preview EVERY alert before it is sent.

Can we determine the size of the desktop alerts and the position on screen?

Yes. When creating an alert you can manage the desktop alerts on-screen size. You can also determine the position of the alert on a screen. Top-Right, Bottom-Left, etc.

Can we determine how or obtrusive a desktop alert can be?

Yes. You can send full screen desktop alerts, alerts scaled to a specific size and even whether an alert needs to be viewable on top of a locked screen.

In addition you can send a less invasive notification via a scrolling ticker alert that would scroll across the screen containing information that is important without being disruptive. 

Does desktop alert software support multiple languages?

Yes. Not only can alerts be delivered to any country but yes it can be delivered in any language as well. In addition; the end user can determine which language he/she would like to receive their alerts in.

Also the console itself can be translated into other languages making it easier for administrators from anywhere around the globe to navigate the administrator console in their own language.

Can employees print alerts if they needed to?

Yes. You can add a print button to alert if needed.

How long does it typically take to create and send a desktop alert?

Not long at all. The administrator console is very easy to navigate and create alerts. In addition you can save alerts as templates for future use.

You can even customize the console itself to have a default alert appearance and delivery settings exactly how you want every time you log in to create an alert. You can also customize the alert formatting options to only show the functions you typically use when creating an alert. 

Can we Pre-Schedule alerts?

Yes. You can create an alert at any time that can be distributed according to a schedule you determine. As an example you can schedule an alert to be distributed at 9:00 AM every Friday for as long as you would like. 

Can we import graphics, video, file attachments, etc. to alerts?

Of course. The administrator console allows you to format text, change fonts, insert graphics, embed videos, html, flash, attach files, add print buttons, acknowledgement buttons, etc. It even allows you to convert PowerPoint Presentations (with transitions and animations) into incredible visual communication. 

You can even record yourself right from the console delivering a video message and embed directly into the alert. 


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