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Internal Communication Tools
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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
Corporate Internal Employee Communications

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Desktop Alert Software – Publish Website Alerts

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Website Alert Plugin Application

Provide organizational updates on corporate websites easily with the website alert tool.

As a banner your employees and visitors will be treated to the latest communication from your organization. 

With an embedded code placed on a company’s website, authorized administrators can deploy pop-up banner ads with ease and from the same console they currently send out desk alerts.

The XComms solutions allow companies of any size to take full advantage of every communication medium locally, securely and all from one place.

Learn more about the website alerting plugin option by contacting XComms for more information.

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Desktop Alerts Published to Websites

Employee Notification Tools

* Fully Branded Alerts * Locally Hosted * No Mandatory Recurring Fees * No Server Licensing Fees* Pop Up And Ticker Included*

Website Alert Plugin Tool | Post Updates To Company Website From Desktop Alert Software Web Based Console
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