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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
Corporate Internal Employee Communications

Available Via

* Mobile APP


* Email On Devices

 Deliver Instant Alerts to Targeted Employee Mobile Devices.

Send Updates to All Offsite Employees Who are ON THE GO!

Mobile Alert Software for Offsite Employees on the Go - Mobile Notification for Employees - Mobile Communication for Field Staff
Message Acknowledgement and Measurement
  • Hold employees accountable with instant policy and compliance updates with message acknowledgement submission functionality.
  • Get detailed proof of delivery and analysis for any individual or device in real time.
Available Mobile Alert Channels
  • Message Pop-up: Easily broadcast message alerts to custom groups or every mobile device instantly.
  • Quiz Channel: Hold mobile employees accountable to retain key information whether they are at their desk or on the go.
  • Employee Survey: Pulse check field staff and give everyone the opportunity to be heard with instant interactive mobile device surveys.
  • RSVP: Give Mobile employees opt in opportunities with RSVP feature and event reminders.
  • Video Pop-up:Record video right form the console or upload/link video into pop up alert.
  • Internal Newsletter: Keep mobile staff up to date with whatever they have been missing in a single alert.
  • Urgent Notifications
  • First Responders
  • Security Communication
  • Campus Alerts
  • Police Department Communication
Reach Everyone...

Persistent Crucial Communications
  • Mobile Updates can be published with push notification.
  • Message can be designated to repeat on all employee devices until they have been acknowledged on one.

Mobile Alert Software Features and Benefits:

Mobile Employee Alert Software System

Mobile Employee Notifications

Mobile Employee Communication Tools

Keep your employees connected by easily and securely sending notifications to mobile devices with full message delivery tracking and analysis for any individual or device. Mobile Employee Alerts are perfect for:

  • General Updates
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Employee Updates
  • Organization Announcements
  • Outage Alerts
  • Schedule Changes
  • Organizational Announcements
XComms Direct
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POWERFUL Broadcasting Functionality :Desktop alert messages pop up on targeted desktop monitors, common area screens or mobile devices.


DIVERSE Targeting :Target desktop alerts to machines on existing networks, machine based targeting and/or newly created groups. 


PERSISTENTAlerting :Set desktop alerts messages to remain on the screen, or to reappear at scheduled intervals, prompting the employee to respond or acknowledge that they have viewed the message.


MEASURABLE Readership :
Get immediate feedback and acknowledgment rates from desktop alerts software. 
Incredible feature to report employee compliance regarding any internal policy or legal requirements. Measure the effectiveness of internal communications.
FLEXIBLE Desktop Alert Options :  Desktop alerts also include read now or read later options, as well as the flexibility to display full screen alerts for emergency alert notifications. Easily determine the size, positioning and prominence of the desktop alert window for each message pop-up.


LOCATION INDEPENDENT Alerting  Desktop alerts reach all staff, regardless of their location or network. Target multiple locations at once, individuals, custom groups, roles, departments, remote and mobile workers.


CUSTOMIZABLE Visual Communication :  Customized desktop alert designs tailored to your brand, department, division, initiative, and more.  
USER FRIENDLY : No end user training required. 


FLEXIBLE Scheduling : Desktop Messaging Tools to schedule alerts at appropriates times including content calendars.


HOSTING OPTIONS : Cloud and Local Hosting available. 


RAPID DEPLOYMENT :  Little IT resources required. Desktop Alert System Up and running in a matter of hours.


AFFORDABLE : User and Machine Based Licensing available. As low as $1 per user / per year.

Mobile Employee Alert SoFtware For :

Call Center Communications

Compliance Management
Corporate Communication
Crisis Communications
Customer Service
Education Alerts
Employee Communication
Employee Engagement
Executive Communication
General Updates
Healthcare Communications
Hospitals Alerts
Human Resources
Internal Marketing
IT Outages
Kiosk Screen Software
Management Communication
Policy Updates
Product Updates
Reducing Email Overload
Sales Messaging
Training Alerts
Workforce Management

Mobile Communication Solutions

Visual Communication Software is now available on mobile devices allowing you to easily and securely keep employees connected and informed when they are on the go with tracking and reporting capabilities allowing you to track message delivery to specific users and devices.

Mobile Communication for Field Staff  - Reach Everyone...Everywhere 

​​Mass Mobile Device Notification Solutions

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