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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
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Screensaver digital signage is a powerful communication method to get the word out.

Attach, embed or link videos and enhance visual communication to all staff. 

Keep all employee who are on the go connected, informed and accountable.

Customize qualifying questions and offer opt in for any event or opportunity. 

Push Employee Newsletters directly to desktops and mobile devices.

Pulse check your staff by creating and deploying instant employee surveys.

Increase employee skills and identify knowledge gaps with custom staff quizzes.

AFFORDABLE Best In Class IT Comms Software: 

▪ Customized User or Machine Based licensing. NO Recurring Fees. NO Server Licensing Fees. Locally Hosted at NO Extra Cost

CUSTOMIZABLE Visual Communication: 

▪ Customized desktop alert designs tailored to your brand, department, division, initiative, and more. Save your own message templates for later use.

FLEXIBLE  IT Desktop Alert Options: 

▪ Easily determine the size, positioning and prominence of the IT desktop alert window for each message pop-up.​

Location Independent IT Alerting:

▪ IT Desktop alerts reach all staff, regardless of their location or network. Target multiple locations and mobile devices.

Persistent Desktop Screen IT Alerting:

▪ Set network desktop alerts messages to remain on the screen, or to reappear at scheduled intervals, prompting the employee to respond or acknowledge.

Help Desk Alert Software Advantages

DIVERSE IT Desktop Alert Targeting:

▪ Target alerts to specific network users, departments, locations or entire company. Full Active Directory Synchronization and Auto Update.

MEASURABLE Desktop Alert Readership:

▪ Get immediate feedback and acknowledgement rates from IT desktop alert's real time analytics functionality.

POWERFUL Broadcasting Functionality: 

▪ Desktop alert messages pop up on targeted network desktop monitors, common area screens or mobile devices.

IT Network Communication Alerts

Notify Employees of System Updates With Desktop Alert System. Perfect for any Network Team, Help Desk or IT Department.

IT Internal Alert Management Solutions

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Scrolling ticker Fully Customizable Scrolling Ticker Alerts!... Powerful Scrolling Headlines...Brand with your Company Logo...HyperLink alert message to drive viewers to other resources...Update Staff Immediately...Send to Entire Company, Departments, Individuals or Customize Your Own Group Distributions...Rapid Notifications Without Disrupting Work Flow...Multi Headlines Tickers...Complete Viewing and Acknowledgement Reports...CALL XComms Today for a Free Trial! No Credit Card Required. 1-855-323-9663
IT Alert Software
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IT Alert Notifications For Updates and Outage Alerts : IT and Help Desk Outage and Alert Management System. IT Help Desk Response Mass Notification System. Outage Alert Software. Network Alert Software. IT Alert Software

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IT Communication Network Alert Software Flexibility For Outages, Emergencies, Updates and Business Continuity

Help Desk Communication Software Functionality

Publish IT communications directly to any employee desktop background.

Update staff without disrupting workflow with desktop scrolling ticker messages.

Send important IT updates directly to staff as desktop pop-up alert messages.


Essential Direct Internal Employee Communications 

Keep employees informed of IT system outages, maintenance, service disruptions and security awareness with IT Alert Software. Full Tracking and Complete Targeting Network Notification Solutions for IT and Help Desk Employees.

▪ Reduce Help Desk Calls

Active Directory Group Alerts

 Machine and User Based Targeting

 Business Continuity

Improve Security Awareness

▪ Outage Alerts 

Planned Maintenance

  System Updates

Emergency Notifications

 Multiple Admin Access Policies

Keep IT Department working as effectively and productively as possible with an internal employee alert system. Full Network Targeting Internal Notification System.

Insert Graphics

Rich Text Formatting

Videos (Link, Record or Attach)

Flash Presentations

Audio Files


File Attachments

Customizable Interactive Content

All With Full Tracking and Analytics!

Unlimited Content Capabilities

Send IT Alerts To Any Screen Across Any Network