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Internal Communication Tools

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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication

Compliment your desktop alert software with additional employee notification modules to provide complete communication coverage.

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Desktop Alert Software Additional Modules and Tools

In addition to offering the most effective methods of internal and external workforce communication, XComms enables  customers to enhance their own alerting system to be the best possible fit to guarantee an effective, tailored internal communication systems that creates higher levels of awareness and accountability.

XComms offers The Most affordable and functional Multi-Channel communication solution in it's industry that enables Any size company to own their own software, host it locally and securely and all without the obligation of paying mandatory recurring fees beyond their initial purchase.

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Offering flexible, and comprehensive employee notification targeting for maximum efficiency and accountability.

Employee Notification Tools

* Fully Branded Alerts * Locally Hosted * No Mandatory Recurring Fees * No Server Licensing Fees* Pop Up And Ticker Included*

Active Directory Synchronization
SMS Text Notification
Locked Screen Delivery
Instant Emergency Notifications
Email Notifications
Internal Communication Encryption
Extended  Reporting
Website Plugin
RSS Newsfeed Tool
Internal Social Media Communication

Desktop Alert Software  Additional Modules

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