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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
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Desktop Alert Software –  Alert Encryption Options

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Desktop Alert Encryption Solutions

While the free XComms locally hosted desktop alert solution is by far the most secure way to communication internally, XComms offers customers options to further that security between the server and the end user with 128bit encoding.

In addition it is important to note that all solutions provided by XComms is locally hosted with NO additional server licensing fees.

Whether companies are looking to compliment existing security or maintain compliance standards or XComms offers solutions that allow for the secure transmission of communication with complete peace of mind.

Learn more about encryption options by contacting XComms for more information.​​

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Compliment your own existing security with additional message encryption

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* Fully Branded Alerts * Locally Hosted * No Mandatory Recurring Fees * No Server Licensing Fees* Pop Up And Ticker Included*

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