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Corporate Translation Solutions For International Internal Communication
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Deliver In Any Language

Available on Mobile Devices

XComms Direct to Screen Notification software gives assigned administrator(s) the ability to target internal communications to any device, in any country and in any language for immediate employee awareness in any global organization.

Call Center Agent Communication
Corporate Internal Employee Communications

  Pop Up Alerts Direct to Employee Computer Screens

  Scrolling Ticker Alerts Across Bottom of Computer Screens

  Screen savers and Wallpaper Background as International Digital Signage

  Translated Employee Surveys and Staff Quizzes

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...Distribute Translated Scrolling Ticker Alerts To Any Computer......

Send internal communications directly to any computer worldwide in any language.

Overcome international corporate language barriers and create instant awareness in any language and in any country.

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XComms offers multiple communication channels to effectively and instantly alert employees in any country.

Keep international employees informed with translated:

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