End User App : End users will have their own branded / searchable history app on every device giving them instant access to all communications. 

Closing Ticker : Allow employees to manually close ticker, click an acknowledgement button or pre-determine on-screen duration. 

Fast : Achieve the highest possible participation rates and get instant feedback with customizable on-screen surveys. 

Engagement : Deploy pop-up quizzes, surveys or polls to easily for instant feedback and analysis. 

Corporate social media updates

Who Is XComms?

Management Tools


Flexible Targeting
Powerful Visual Content
Cost Effective
Any Screen​


LOCATION INDEPENDENT Desktop Alerting :  Desktop alerts reach all staff, regardless of their location or network. Target multiple locations at once, individuals, custom groups, roles, departments, remote and mobile workers.


CUSTOMIZABLE Visual Communication :  Customized desktop alert designs tailored to your brand, department, division, initiative, and more.  
USER FRIENDLY : No end user training required. 


FLEXIBLE Scheduling Desktop Alerts Tools to schedule alerts at appropriates times including content calendars.


HOSTING OPTIONS : Cloud and Local Hosting available. 


RAPID DEPLOYMENT :  Little IT resources required. Desktop Alert System Up and running in a matter of hours.


AFFORDABLE : User and Machine Based Licensing available. As low as $1 per user for entire system.




Internal Communication Software Solutions

​Linking : Add hyperlinks to any pop-up to drive employees to other internal or external resources… intranet, network location or website. 

Quick Results : Poll select participants or the entire employee base and deliver results to everyone in a snap. 

Full Featured...

We’d love to speak with you about your specific internal communication needs and show you how using the XComms internal communication solutions will have an immediate impact on every level of your organization.

Any Content : Easily compose with Text, Graphics, Videos, Attach Documents, Flash, Voice messages, HTML, Animated Content, Acknowledgement Buttons and More! 

Full Active
Directory Sync

Screensaver Management 

Turn unattended desktop screens and common area displays into digital signage

Wallpaper ​Management 
Use employee Desktop Background Wallpaper to Publish Key Information 

Deploy Alerts
From Office
Applications Like Outlook

With a personal and professional understanding of how crucial effective internal communication is to organizations of any size, XComms offers tools that cast an extremely wide net for internal communication and will significantly increase accountability across all organizational levels. 

One of the BEST Things about XComms...

Corporate screensaver management tools

Any Screen...

XComms DeskAlerts Tools

Having a reliable desktop alert software system is an incredible tool for instantly distributing key internal communications with guarantees of awareness and acknowledgement of what matters most, when it matters most.

Corporate screensaver management

Accountability : Much like the pop-up tools, you can add acknowledgement buttons into any ticker for increased accountability. 

Tracking : Get detailed proof of delivery and analysis for any individual or device in real time.

Targeting: Target different wallpaper to different departments, locations, individuals or groups within your own active directory. 

Persistent : Message can be designated to repeat on all employee devices until they have been acknowledged on one.


Desktop Alert Software

Viewing Experience : Easily determine the priority, size, positioning, prominence and the recurrence of your pop-up alerts.

Leveraging the tool’s cut through ability will  have a notable impact in any area of any organization.  

Event RSVP
Tools With Calendar Reminders

Technical Advantages

• Up and running in a matter of hours.

• No ongoing IT maintenance needed.

• Locally Hosted Free

• Sync With Active Directory

• Minimal System Requirements

• Deploy in any environment

• External Desktop Push Buttons Available. 

Fully Interactive Mobile APP
SMS Text Messaging

Send To Email

DESKTOP ALERT SOFTWARE : INTERNAL COMMUNICATION TOOLS - EMPLOYEE DESKTOP ALERTS, SCROLLING TICKER ALERT, Send internal message alert directly to computer screen. Workplace Communication

Non Disruptive
Instant Awareness

desktop ticker

Corporate Wallpaper Background Management : Taking advantage of every medium, you can now manage all employee background wallpaper using any content and even rotate wallpaper at pre-scheduled dates and times.

Guaranteed Instant Awareness of What Matters Most, When it Matters Most!

employee messaging tool
staff quiz tools

Customer Support

• Best in class U.S. Based and Overseas technical support available.

• FREE Training included.

• FREE Setup support included.

• Fastest response times!

Desktop alert push button

Staff Surveys...

Desktop Shortcut
To Send Quick Alerts

Understanding the need for effective internal communication and accountability, XComms provides unparalleled corporate communication solutions that are guaranteed to have a positive impact in all areas of any organization.

The technology, service, support and pricing are truly second to none.

XComms offers The Most affordable / Multi-Channel communication solution in its industry that enables Any size company to own their own software, host it locally and securely and all without the obligation of paying mandatory recurring fees beyond their initial purchase.

We provide our valued customers with the necessary information to not only allow them to make informed buying decisions but to also experience our complete dedication to providing the most effective, secure and affordable solutions that will transform the way they do business.

And with security and reliability in mind…  XComms includes (at no extra cost) a locally hosted solution Without Any additional costs of server licensing or hosting fees.

Contact us to learn more about how XComms will provide the best internal communication solution available at a cost that enables all companies (regardless of size) to have an effective internal communication infrastructure that rivals even the largest of organizations.

Increase Accountability : Hold employees accountable by adding acknowledgement buttons to pop-ups.

Any Device : Scrolling ticker alerts can be displayed on any screen. Scrolling tickers can even be delivered to mobile devices as an incredibly impactful pop-up. 

Communication Delivery : Conveniently send any content to any screen regardless with no user interaction required.

Content : Digital signage is completely branded and may contain content including, graphics, video, html and more.

No Equipment Needed :Push digital signage to any screen with or without a computer attached. Drive to Resources : Easily add hyperlinks to drive employees to intranet, external sites or network locations.

desktop alerting tools

The XComms Advantage

On-Screen Quizzes

Fully Customizable Scrolling Ticker Alerts!... Powerful Scrolling Headlines...Brand with your Company Logo...HyperLink alert message to drive viewers to other resources...Update Staff Immediately...Send to Entire Company, Departments, Individuals or Customize Your Own Group Distributions...Rapid Notifications Without Disrupting Work Flow...Multi Headlines Tickers...Complete Viewing and Acknowledgement Reports...CALL XComms Today For A Free Trial!

POWERFUL Broadcasting Functionality :Desktop alert messages pop up on targeted desktop monitors, common area screens or mobile devices.  Alert can even be deployed with the exclusive XComms Instant Alert Button.


DIVERSE Desktop Alert Targeting Target desktop alerts to machines on existing networks, machine based targeting and/or newly created groups. Active Directory Synchronization and Auto Update.


PERSISTENT Desktop Alerting :Set desktop alerts messages to remain on the screen, or to reappear at scheduled intervals, prompting the employee to respond or acknowledge that they have viewed the message.


MEASURABLE Desktop Alert Readership : Get immediate feedback and acknowledgment rates from desktop alerts software
Incredible feature to report employee compliance regarding any internal policy or legal requirements. Measure the effectiveness of internal communications.
FLEXIBLE Desktop Alert Options :  Desktop alerts also include read now or read later options, as well as the flexibility to display full screen alerts for emergency alert notifications. Easily determine the size, positioning and prominence of the desktop alert window for each message pop-up.​ Multiple Mass Notification Solutions!

Create instant employee surveys and notification alerts. Measure effectiveness with real time reporting.

Corporate Screensaver Management: Turn unattended machines into powerful digital signage by easily managing screensaver content, rotations and the targeting of all screensaver messaging easily from a single place.

Complete Content : Easily embed images, video, html, PowerPoint presentations into any screensaver or embed hyperlinks to turn screensaver into interactive displays. 

Targeting : Target by user, machine, custom distribution groups, departments or leverage existing groups by syncing with your active directory. 

Exclusive Desktop
External Push Button

Mobile employee communication channels

Quick Staff Polls...

Employee Quiz maker

How does Desktop Alert Software work?

With a personal and professional understanding of how crucial effective internal communication is to organizations of any size, XComms offers tools that cast an extremely wide net for internal communication and will significantly increase levels of accountability.

Deskalerts technical

Unlimited Publisher Access
Level Management

Interactive: Embed hyperlinks, push staff quizzes, polls, or surveys directly to mobile devices for complete employee engagement on any device. 

Internal or External

RSS Newsfeed

​Measurement : Easily and quickly measure proof of delivery, readership and employee acknowledgements

STAFF Polling Tools

Poll. This is  a simple survey, but answer statistics are displayed to user after he or she is done with the questions.

Non-Invasive : Scrolling tickers can be docked at the bottom of any screen auto-sizing any open/active window to rest above the ticker notification. 

Delivery Options : Deliver pop-ups as on-screen pop-ups, mobile app pop-ups, SMS text messages or copied as an email with a single click. 

Pop-Up Staff Quizzes - Employee Quiz Software | XComms

Essential Direct Internal Employee Communications

Employee communication channels

​Internal Desktop Alert Software Notifications For:


Enterprise employee messaging tools
Reach all employees directly with full desktop notification alert targeting, scheduling and real time acknowledgement reporting.

Communication Made Simple

Employee Communication System

Drive to Resources : Easily add hyperlinks to drive employees to intranet, external sites or network locations.

Everywhere : Reach all employees regardless of their device or location instantly. 

Viewing Experience : Easily determine the priority, size, positioning, prominence and the recurrence of your pop-up alerts.

Mobile Solutions

XComms Direct Desktop Alert Software For Improved Employee Internal Communications © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Your Choice...


With respect to business continuity, an internal notification solution in place is a great asset.

Having an XComms solution in place will not only provide a solid back up for communication but it can also serve purposes beyond what traditional methods of communication are capable of. 

desktop ticker


Internal communication encryption
Send important employee updates or emergency notifications directly to staff as desktop pop-up alert messages.

The XComms solution is one that is sure to have a significant impact and one to be accepted by employees across all levels.

Options For Secure Internal Communications

Display : Adjust the ticker to any desired size to be visually effective on larger screens. 

Any Device : Send instant notifications to any Android, Apple, or Windows Phones.

Customized Solutions

• FREE BRANDING… Anything employee facing is branded free with your logos and colors. This includes alert templates, desktop app and mobile app.

• Full Reporting Tools

• Messaging Scheduling and Recurrence Tools.

Send scrolling headline to computer screens

Testing Tools : Flexible and easy to use quiz maker tool that allows you to launch employee quizzes across any network and on any device. 

XComms United States

Awareness On Any Device

Employee communication plan
Track employee communication
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Corporate screensaver
Emergency alert systems
Mass notification
Mass notification system

Fully Branded Solution * No Recurring Fees * Locally Hosted

* No Server Licensing Fees  * Sync With Active Directory

* U.S. Based And Regional Technical Support

Control employee background images
Corporate screensaver management tool
desktop alert software free
Desktop Alerts Software Free

​​​Employee Notification Software : Direct to Screen Internal Desktop Alert Notification Solutions For Improved Internal Communication

​In addition to offering the most affordable multi-channel internal communication solutions, XComms includes (at no extra cost) the most popular and effective alert channels in it's suite of cut through communication tools. 

And While giving companies of any size the power to deliver key messages across any screen with full tracking and analytics, they will also have the ability to record and measure the Understanding of what Matters Most with alert comprehension tools...ultimately leading to not only to Improved Individual Performance but also Higher Production for companies as a whole.

Fully Customizable Scrolling Ticker Alerts!... Powerful Scrolling Headlines...Brand with your Company Logo...Insert HyperLink into alert message to drive viewers to other resources...Update Staff Immediately...Send to Entire Company, Departments, Individuals or Customize Your Own Group Distributions...Rapid Notifications Without Disrupting Work Flow...Multi Headlines Tickers...Complete Viewing and Acknowledgement Reports...CALL XComms Today for a Free Trial! https://www.xcomms.com/desktop-scrolling-ticker

Customize and Instantly send out direct to screen desktop notification alerts through various flexible messaging channels so your key employee messages will never be ignored, pushed to the side or deleted!!

Desktop Alert Options

“Our Messaging Rises Above It All….This Changed Everything…”

Consolidate Messages Into One Desktop Alert.
Push Communication Directly to Computer Backgrounds.
Scrolling Alerts for Unobtrusive Internal Notification.

Customizable Pop-Up Alert and Scrolling Ticker Alert Channel  Included With Every Desktop Alert Software Sysytem.

employee mobile messaging app
Corporate Screensaver Management tools
Internal newsletter ideas
Employee quiz toolkit
employee background wallpaper management
Employee Survey Tool
Desktop ticker on computer screen
Pop up alert on employee computers
Employee communication toolkit
Internal Comms Toolkit
Employee Notification toolkit
Employee notification tools
Internal Comms Tools
Employee communications tools
corporate screensaver management
Employee communication tools
User Friendly and Cost Effective Desktop Alert Software
Internal Communication System
Update staff as soon as information becomes available without disrupting employee tasks with instant, powerful and persistent desktop scrolling news ticker message alerts.

Mobile employee messaging allows you to send updates to those employees who are on the go. App Available on Apple, Android, Windows Phone. SMS Text and Email on Any Device.



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Desktop Alert Software
Email alert tool

Desktop Alert Software

desktop alert software
Smartphone alert app

Web-Based Console

Message cut-through

Ensure employees see all important internal communications

Scheduling of messages

Tools to pre schedule your internal communications

Message Recurrence Recurrence options help ensure cut through for important employee communications

Message Targeting Tools to target internal communications to different groups of employees in different ways

Measurement Customized features and reporting to measure the effectiveness of internal communications Versatile and easy to use

User friendly and connects with other employee communication tools (the intranet / Share Point) Customized solutions

Customized templates and solutions to suit your business needs Different implementation options Cloud, Private Cloud and In-house versions available.

Staff poll questions
best employee quiz tools

Best in Class Suite of Internal Communication Tools For Employee Notifications Guaranteeing 100% Awareness!!

Send important employee updates oremergency notifications directly to staff as desktop pop-up alert messages.

Financial Flexibility

• One Time Fee!

• No Mandatory Recurring Costs.

• NOT Subscription or Leased Based Purchase.

• FREE LOCAL HOSTING….No Server Licensing Fees.

deploy critical alerts from outlook or office applications
Best Corporate screensaver management
Employee rsvp tool

Full Internal Communication Tracking and Reporting

...Is EVERYTHING You Can Do With It!

Messaging Channels : Send notifications to any employee via Mobile App, SMS Text Messaging or Email For Immediate Awareness. 

desktop ticker
XComms Internal Communication Tools
Internal Communication Tools

Video: XComms Desktop Alert Software

Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
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Direct To Screen : By-Pass Active Screens and Allow Pop-Up Alerts to Rise Above Everything For Immediate Awareness In Any Screen Position.

Instant Awareness : Instantly send pop-up alerts, scrolling ticker as pop-up, SMS messages or email notifications. 

Employee Communication App

Multi-Position : Deploy ticker to the bottom, center or the top of any employee or common are screens.

The Easiest Way to Push Instant Branded Visual Communications to Any Device

Communicate Different

If you would like to speak to one of our representatives or email us directly our contact information is below.



Staff survey tools

Do My Employees Know... 

What They Need To Know...
When They Need To Know It??

desktop alerts software
desktop alert software
Enterprise Employee Communication Solutions
XComms pricings

Corporate Social Media
Update Tool


Deskalerts customer service

Any Content
Any Screen Position
Any Device
With Your Branded Skin


Reinforce Staff learning with desktop quizzes, Build engagement and Increase employee skills while identifying knowledge gaps. Send as desktop alert or hyperlink.

Targeting : Target device, user, department, custom group, broadcast or target groups within active directory. 

​SIMPLE... A small business communication software package is installed locally or deployed to all end users in your company which allows them to view all desktop notification alert messages that are sent directly on screen and view older messages from their own history console. 

(Complete with Multi-Language Translation ... Compose Alerts in One Language and Deliver in Any.)

You assign an administrator who will be responsible for authoring your desktop alert messages and delivering employee communication notifications to desired custom groups, departments, individuals or your entire company ANYWHERE in the world. 

The end user will be able to view desktop alert software messages directly sent to their screen, view scrolling ticker alerts, take employee quizzes, participate in surveys, read newsletters, elect to participate in company events with an RSVP function, and have an open communication with administrators regarding anything related to their position, responsibilities or general company information. PERFECT TOOLS FOR INTERNAL COMMUNICATION!

Administrators also have the ability to design and assign approved company desktop wallpaper background and screen savers. In addition; desktop software alerts are backed with real time and fully detailed reporting on message delivery, readership and acknowledgements.

** External Alert Buttons are Also Available.

IT Outages

Local Government
Kiosk Screen Software
Management Communication
Policy Updates
Military Communications

Send Corporate Newsfeeds

Why Choose XComms Desktop Alert Software?

In addition to the feature packed solutions that XComms offers, companies of any size will have access to additional tools that will not only provide effective employee communication but also will allow for anyone to do it as easily, effectively and quickly as possible!

Employee Quizzes...

Send employee alert from desktop shortcut

Send Alerts
To Employee Email

send employee messages to active directory groups

Any Device : Target workstations, mobile devices or common area screens for complete coverage.

Having a reliable desktop alert software system is an incredible tool for instantly distributing key internal communications with guarantees of awareness and acknowledgement of what matters most, when it matters most.

Corporate Internal Employee Communications
XComms Services
Verification: 5b066c244bbda941
11419 W Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton, FL 33497 US
Phone: 855-323-9663 Website: https://www.xcomms.com/
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