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Affordable Internal Communication Solutions

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Send Desktop Alerts to any computer using any graphics, text, video, any content to any employee computer screen for internal staff communication
Corporate Internal Employee Communications

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Privacy Commitment 
We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Under no circumstance will your information be disclosed to any third party or be disseminated in any way. Any information submitted will be protected unconditionally. 

In regard to ACCOUNTABILITYthe reporting tools are second to none! Not only do our customers measure proof of delivery and readership but they also have the ability to measure employee acknowledgement ultimately improving overall employee accountability.

BRANDING AND VISUAL IMPACT …. XComms designs your alert templates and employee facing tools with your logos; colors all while keeping in mind your corporate style and overall feel. The solutions our customers receive leave little doubt that you have made an investment in improving communication, operations and culture. Oh and did we forget to mention your alert branding and designs are Absolute Free?

And if amazing visual impact and performance isn’t enough, XComms offers customers access to (literally) thousands of stunning and customizable graphics, animations, video, PowerPoint presentations and more to guarantee the most impactful visual communication solutions.

MOST AFFORDABLE….XComms offers amazing solutions at a price that is truly unparalleled. What XComms offers at the end of the day is a solution that is NOT Subscription or Lease based but rather one our customers own outright all at price points that accommodate any customer size or budget.

Internal Communication should be easy but let’s face it… with more and more technology it has become a challenge for companies of any size…However now companies of any size have an option that is...


Offering flexible, and comprehensive employee notification targeting for maximum efficiency and accountability.

XComms Direct to Screen Corporate Internal Communication Solutions

About XComms Internal Communication Solutions


In a world rich with communication options, where  important messages often get ignored, pushed to the side or deleted, it has become a competition to have even the most important information rise above the everyday noise created by overused and increasingly ineffective forms of internal communication.

With a personal and professional understanding of how crucial effective internal communication is to organizations of any size, we at XComms hold ourselves to extremely high standards so every customer knows that not only are they trusting that their internal communication solutions are recommended by the best but also that their end solution is best in class and the most affordable.

XComms offers the most flexible and affordable communication solutions in the internal communication industry. XComms provides our customer access to truly second to none DeskAlert products, Live Chat products, and Visual Communication tools to ensure that they are choosing not only the world’s best communication solution but all at price that is outmatched by no one.

With SECURITY, SPEED and RELIABILTY in mind XComms offers locally hosted Desk Alert communication tools that allow our customers to target employees with fast and secure internal communication options that include:

Direct to Screen Internal Communications


About XComms Corporate Internal Communication Solutions
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